Download Ubercode and write your own software


1. How do I download Ubercode?

Go to the downloads page and follow the instructions there. You have to download and install Ubercode before writing any programs.

2. How long does the download take?

The download is about 15 MB. This takes between 60 and 120 minutes depending on your modem. It will be much faster (under 10 minutes) if you have broadband. If you have problems with the download and would prefer a copy to be emailed or posted to you, please contact us.

3. What happens when the Trial Pack expires?

The Trial Pack is a fully working trial copy, allowing you to evaluate Ubercode at no risk for 30 days (the actual number of days may be slightly more than this, depending on the date of the Trial Pack and the date of the download, but it will be at least 30 days). The expiry date of the Trial Pack is shown in the Help - About dialog in the Developer Environment.

When the Trial Pack expires, you have several options:

  • Go to the secure order form and buy a Licenced Package (Standard Pack or Professional Pack). These packages are competitively priced and include Printed Manuals, CDs and quality packaging, and they do not expire.
  • If you still have questions about Ubercode, go to the bottom of the sales page and follow the links to ask more questions.
  • Go to downloads and download a newer Trial Package. Uninstall the old Trial Package and re-install the new Trial Package. This will keep any classes you have already written.
  • After the Expiry Date you should remove the old Trial Package. Source files and dialogs written by you are left on your computer when Ubercode is uninstalled. These programs remain your property and are fully compatible with Licenced copies of Ubercode.

4. What are the benefits of a Licenced copy?

You should upgrade now to a Licenced copy because:

  • A licenced copy lets you write your own programs and is very affordable.
  • A licenced copy has no time limit and doesn't expire.
  • The Trial Pack is for evaluation purposes only.
  • The Professional Pack makes it very easy to distribute programs to other computers.
  • You gain access to hundreds of technical articles that help you write programs.
  • Boxed copies are supplied in a handy package with an easy-to-read manual.
  • The latest version includes bugfixes and other improvements.
  • It makes programming easier.
  • Each copy of Ubercode has been tested using hundreds of test programs.
  • Ubercode programs run under all versions of Windows (Windows 95 and later).
  • Ubercode includes hundreds of sample programs, on disk and in the help files.
  • The high level Ubercode language means your programs will have very few bugs.
  • You don't have to register over the internet and there's no tedious product activation.
  • It includes an easy-to-use integrated debugger.
  • It includes access to sample code, technical support and bug fixes.
  • You get better software, without having to upgrade your hardware.
  • It gets the job done.
  • The Professional pack gives you the power of a modern, compiled language.
  • Ubercode programs run efficiently on earlier hardware, saving you the cost of a new computer.
  • Ubercode is a language for people who want to save time.
  • Ubercode is a language for people who want to get things done.
  • You can develop programs using any version of Windows, and the same code just works.
  • You write working programs in just a few minutes, without complex solutions, packages, projects and run time environments.
  • It doesn't clutter your desktop with tiny toolbars that hide when you need them.
  • It runs well on budget hardware.
  • The help system gives relevant results and real examples.
  • It can (optionally) be supplied branded with your own name or your company name.
  • It includes a CD and a real printed manual.
  • Each licenced copy helps support continued development of Ubercode.