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Welcome to the Ubercode news blog. This is updated monthly, or whenever personal life allows. Here I talk about the Uberbot and about Ubercode and their latest improvements. Sometimes I blog about website updates and I may even wander off for a rant on unrelated topics. The most recent entries are at the top.

Website update (28 April 2015)

  • Again it's a long time since I updated here. Most of my recent efforts have been spent on upgrade exams for SQL Server for work, namely the 70-457 (which I passed), 70-458 (which I failed) and 70-459 (not taken yet). I have finally updated this website and now it focuses equally on two products: the Uberbot AI application and the Ubercode programming language.
  • My plans for the Uberbot are to prepare it for the 2015 Loebner Prize. This is being organized by the AISB (AI Society of Great Britain). Although the AISB have announded the date of the 2015 Loebner Prize as being 19 September 2015, there are no entry details yet on their website.
  • My plans for Ubercode are to progress it to the v1.3 release which includes database connector classes and the ability to connect to Microsoft SQL Server. Ubercode is stable, so future developments will be adapting to new versions of Windows and improved add-on libraries. Ubercode is used for the Uberbot's client program, so it's a vital element of the Uberbot.
  • Last but not least, there is a new Ubercode Trial Pack which includes the Uberbot as a sample program. This is a fully featured version of Ubercode available for experiment and evaluation.

Earlier News

During 2014 I worked on the Uberbot and submitted it to the Loebner Prize at Bletchley Park, where it came 3rd.

During 2013 I worked on the next version of Ubercode. Also I prepared an entry for the 2013 Loebner Prize at London Derry, where it came 5th.

During 2012 I worked on Data Connector Classes and on the Add Data Source wizard. When complete, the wizard automatically creates classes to connect to most types of data, including CSV files, text files, XML files, Dbase files, and SQL Server and MySQL tables and views.

During 2011 I did a lot of ground work for the next version of Ubercode.

During 2010 version 1.2 of Ubercode was released. This included many improvements and the ability to connect to Microsoft SQL Server.

During 2009 the Ubercode forum became live - many thanks to Mike who helped get it off the ground, and thanks to everyone who asked (and answered) questions. Also I made a lot of improvements ready for the v1.2 release.

During 2008 there was a need for speed - Ubercode got a much faster installer (5 times faster) and the compiler became faster (about twice as fast). Also I ported Ubercode to Windows Vista, and I presented Ubercode Basic at the European Shareware Conference 2008 (ESWC) in Berlin.

During 2007 Ubercode finally got a help system based on HTML Help (CHM files). Also I gave a presentation on Ubercode at the European Shareware Conference (ESWC), and you will see a detailed write-up of the 2007 Conference in Cologne. Read the 2007 news for more details.

During 2006 Ubercode was written up in the International Developer Magazine, also the Ubercode website was reviewed at the European Shareware Conference (ESWC). Read the 2006 news for full details.

During 2005 a historic moment occurred - version 1.0 of Ubercode was finally released.

During 2004 a beta version of Ubercode was released.

During 2003 the Ubercode website was completely rebuilt (I'm too ashamed to put up a link to the earlier website!). Also a pre-release version of Ubercode was prepared.

News from 2002 and before is here - this news is from the very early version of the Ubercode website.

Pre-website news 1999 and earlier is here, including an early picture of Ubercode.