Help with Programming


Help With Programming

Welcome to the Technical Support and Help page! This helps you with the following:

  • Overview.
  • Downloading and installing Ubercode.
  • Help getting started.
  • Example programs that show common programming tasks.
  • Technical documents on many aspects of programming.

If your questions are not answered here, use the links at the bottom of the page for asking new questions. Your suggestions are also welcome.

About Ubercode

  1. What Ubercode packages are available?
  2. What versions have been released?
  3. What is the latest version?
  4. What version do I have?
  5. How much does Ubercode cost?
  6. Can I upgrade to a more powerful Ubercode package?
  7. What kind of computer do I need?
  8. How is Ubercode tested?
  9. What are the Technical Specifications of Ubercode?
  10. What's different about Ubercode?
  11. Is there a Linux version?

Downloading Ubercode

  1. How do I download Ubercode?
  2. How long does the download take?
  3. What happens when the Trial Pack expires?
  4. What are the benefits of a Licenced copy?

Installing Ubercode

  1. How do I begin installation of Ubercode programming software?
  2. How do I remove Ubercode programming software?
  3. How do I change the Ubercode folder after installation?
  4. How do I copy the Ubercode folder to another computer?
  5. How do I check Ubercode has been installed correctly?
  6. How do I put a short cut to the Developer Environment on the desktop?
  7. Installation Error: File is not a Windows help file or the file is corrupted
  8. Installation Error: S32EVNT1.DLL An installable Virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization.
  9. Installation Error: The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Windows applications.

Getting Started with Programming

  1. How do I write a starter program?
  2. How does Ubercode work?
  3. What help is available when writing a program?
  4. Where can I find more starter programs?
  5. How do I run an example program?

Programming - Common Tasks

Applications and Classes

  1. How do I automatically display a window when a program starts?
  2. How do I automatically run code when a program starts?
  3. How do I change the icon used by an application?
  4. How do I prevent an application being closed?
  5. I want to add my own functions to the run time library. Is this possible?

Arrays, Collections, Lists and Tables

  1. How do I write a program using an array?
  2. How do I sort an array or a list?

Common Dialogs

  1. What are the Windows Common Dialogs and how do I use them?
  2. What other Common Dialogs are available?
  3. How do I use the Windows MessageBox function?
  4. How do I tell if the user pressed Cancel in a common dialog?
  5. How do I select more than one file using the OpenFileDialog?
  6. How do I choose a directory or a folder?

Control Objects

  1. What control objects are available to a Windows program?
  2. How do I make control objects run code?
  3. How do I enable or disable a group of controls at run time?
  4. How do I make a multiline push button?
  5. How do I set and test radio buttons?
  6. How do I set up a timer?
  7. How much text can fit in a Label object?
  8. Can the individual controls in a dialog have different fonts and colours?


  1. How do I create a simple database?
  2. How do I loop through the rows in a table?

Date and Time

  1. How do I find the date and time in a Windows Program?
  2. How do I make a program pause for a set period?

Error Handling

  1. How do I modify my programs to handle errors?
  2. Is exception handling supported?
  3. How do I check for memory leaks in a program?

Files and Disk Drives

  1. How do I tell whether a file exists or not?
  2. How do I delete a file?
  3. How do I delete a folder and all its files?
  4. How do I copy a file?
  5. How do I copy multiple files?
  6. How do I edit the lines in a text file?
  7. How do I loop through a file containing binary data?

Graphics and Multimedia

  1. How do I write graphics programs?
  2. How do I display a picture?
  3. How do I do graphics using Cartesian coordinates instead of Windows coordinates?
  4. How do I find the size of the desktop screen?
  5. How do I draw into a window with OpenGL?

Help Files

  1. How do I call up Help for my programs?
  2. How do I create help using HTML?
  3. How do I integrate Help into a program?
  4. How do I create a Windows Help File?

Menus and Toolbars

  1. How do I add a menu to a Windows Program?
  2. How do I add a tool bar to a Windows Program?

Multi Threading and Background Processes

  1. How do I do background processing?
  2. How do I avoid locking up the user interface during a lengthy operation?

Numeric types

  1. How do I make programs show numbers using different formats?
  2. How do I get the Hi/Lo bytes or words from integers?


  1. How do I write a program that prints some text?
  2. How do I print some text from a file?
  3. How do I print different fonts on a line?

Running other Programs

  1. How do I run another program?
  2. How do I pass a command line argument to another program?
  3. How do I get the task list (list of running programs)?
  4. How do I run an MS-DOS program?
  5. How do I capture the output of an MS-DOS program?
  6. How do I run code in other languages (C, C++, Delphi etc)?

String Questions

  1. How do I program with strings?
  2. How long is a string?
  3. How do I delete from strings?
  4. How do I copy sections of a string?

Syntax Questions

  1. For Each and Iterate loops - Programming syntax
  2. How often does Ubercode language syntax change?
  3. What is the difference between "its" and "it's"?

System Information

  1. How do I get system information such as the disk size etc?
  2. Is there a list of system information functions?
  3. How do I get the Windows version?
  4. How do I read environment variables?

Web and Internet

  1. How do I write a program that calls up a Website?
  2. How do I run an EXE file from a web browser?

Windows and Dialog boxes

  1. How do I write a basic program with a window?
  2. What are dialogs, forms, modal and modeless windows?
  3. How do I create a dialog?
  4. How do I create a modeless dialog?
  5. How do I create a modal dialog?
  6. How do I set the title (caption) in a window?
  7. How do I center a dialog box on the screen?
  8. How do I make a dialog window store its settings?

Programming - Compiling and Distributing Programs

Compiling and Debugging

  1. How do I fix compiler errors? or run time errors?
  2. How do I use the debugger?
  3. Why is the debugger putting breakpoints in the wrong places?

Distributing programs

  1. How do I distribute my EXE files (programs)?
  2. How do I know what files to include in my programs?
  3. How do I put a link to an EXE file on my desktop?
  4. How do I use an installer to copy my EXE files to another computer?
  5. Where is the run time library installed?

Other Computer Languages and Documentation

International Developer Article

  1. Reason for a new language
  2. Parallels with existing languages
  3. Key new features
  4. Introductory program
  5. Difficulties encountered
  6. Future improvements

Printing with the Windows API

  1. How do I write a Windows program that prints using the API?

Programming with C#

  1. How do I write a program that runs another EXE file?
  2. How do I read in a text file?
  3. How do I write out a text file?

Programming with C/C++

  1. How does the Stringizing operator work in C/C++?
  2. How do I write DLLs in C/C++ and call them from different languages?

Programming with SQL Server

  1. How do I find the SQL Server download?
  2. How do I use SQLCMD to connect to SQL Server?
  3. How do I list all databases known to SQL Server?
  4. How do I list all tables in one database?
  5. How do I use variables with SQLCMD?
  6. What other useful SQLCMD options are there?

Programming with the Basic Language

  1. What constants and types are used in Basic Programming?
  2. What keywords are used?
  3. What functions are used?
  4. What statements are used?

Programming with the Windows API

  1. How do I use the Default Push Button in a dialog?
  2. Is there an LB_SETTEXT message?
  3. How do I create file associations?
  4. How do I create a single instance program using the Windows API?
  5. How do I handle missing DLLs after installing software (missing MSVCIRT.DLL file)?
  6. What is the Command Line Length Limit under Windows?

Technical Documentation

  1. What information is there for learning how to program Ubercode?
  2. What are the Technical Specifications of Ubercode?
  3. Is there a Language Report available for Ubercode?
  4. Is there a list of commands available in Ubercode?
  5. How to create short-cuts (link files)

Troubleshooting Windows (help for new programmers)

  1. Where does Windows look for the programs it runs on startup?
  2. How do I remove programs that don't want to be uninstalled?
  3. How do I stop Windows from hiding my menus?
  4. How do I make Windows use the correct date/time format in an MS-DOS window?
  5. Microsoft Word Annoyances
  6. How does CD-ROM Autorun work?

Questions about the Website

  1. Are there more programming examples besides the ones on the website?
  2. Does the website use VBscript programming? or JavaScript programming?
  3. What browser do I need?
  4. What speed modem do I need?
  5. Does the website have adverts or pop-ups?
  6. I want to host my own website. Can you suggest a reliable web host?

Getting more help

  1. What are the accessibility options?
  2. How do I get more help?