Ubercode Testimonials



Here are some comments that people have made regarding Ubercode.

I am looking forward to using Ubercode to solve unique problems all the time

Russ C, 1 Oct 2011

Thank you for going that extra mile for me. I really appreciate your help and effort. You seems like a very good person and golden pro in your area of expertise.

Alex - 20 Jan 2011

My First major Ubercode project ... as of right now, I have a fully functional database driven application that runs a multimillion dollar corporation and has caused the start of a move towards paperless government funded healthcare organizations. This application not only tracks, records, and reports employee information such as timesheets, contact and training information, it interfaces with quickbooks, acrobat, windows word/open office, and the billing software used for the state of Louisiana to submit medicaid billing claims. ... With all that this piece of software does, I personally dont think that I have even come close to reaching Ubercode's full potential. I must say, many thanks Will for your creation of such a straight forward and easy to use language.

Mike H, 12 Oct 2009

I cannot brag enough about the level of support you supply with your software. ... Within a two weeks of purchasing your program I have a product that works on every machine we tried, communicates and controls our products, and has the look and feel of a commercally purchased program.

Terry C - January 2009

It's refreshing to work with a product that actually gets fixed when needed. Will you send me a note when the Trial Pack is released? I did join your new forum. You've already helped me there with my puzzlement on File I/O. That's another wonderful support system.

Richard L - January 2009

My choices are c$.net which is free but will require all kinds of .net libs and will be a pain to port to other os's and most probably will not work on older machines, and ubercode which ive already tested under wine, win9x, vista64 and darwin and worked. The cost is reasonable and I thought the ide was fairly straight forward. ...

Im really enjoying learning your version of VB. Ive always wanted to pickup C++ but I was scared to mess with it, and really didnt know where to start.

Mike H - December 2008

Your product "Ubercode 1.2" has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future. ...

The Softpedia Editorial Team - March 2007

... Another very useful feature of the Pro version in my opinion is its ability to do all the steps within the IDE to create a fully function install program for your final product. This may not be unique to this particular language product, but it is the easiest and most complete version of this to be a part of the development system that I have found to date. Using these functions, you can zip up all parts of the product and then with the touch of a button create an install file of your latest creation.

... All in all, I have to say that this product is a useful and valuable addition to my programming toolbox.

http://scottserver.net/basically/index.html - June 2006

Followed your discussion on "Joel on Software" with much interest. I may be a while getting into Ubercode due to workload, but definitely plan on giving it a go. ... I look forward to what appears to be an intersting 'learning experience'.

L.T.Elliott - 2006

I just saw Visual Fred on your website. It's a wonderful idea! I've been programming with "classic" VB for years now and was very disappointed when Microsoft announced its discontinuation.

Ari B. - November 2005

I installed your Lingo under my secondary XP installation and it proceeded without a hitch. I have been studying your example programs (and following the links). So far I find your users manual to be excellent!

It seems a very sensible language (and well priced). ... I do like the look of your webpage too - very clean and easy to read.

Caroline - 2005

I especially like the way the IDE asks me if I want to paste into my existing window or create a new program. Very slick.

Ged - 2005