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Uberbot comes 3rd! (15 November 2014)

  • The Uberbot made it to the finals of the 2014 Loebner Prize at Bletchley Park in the UK. This is a real live Turing Test, where there are four judges, four AI computers and four 'real people'. Each judge spends 25 minutes talking to one AI computer and a real person at the same time, then the judge has to assess which is which. Here's a picture of Dr Loebner talking to the judges:

    Dr Hugh Loebner talks to the judges

  • None of the AI computers fooled any of the judges so the $25,000 prize was not won. When this happens the AI computers are ranked according to the quality of their responses, then lesser prizes are awarded. Uberbot won third prize on the day. That's really great and it inspires me to try again next year!

Uberbot and the Loebner Prize (1 July 2014)

  • It's a long time since I updated here. The reason is I am working on the Uberbot - an AI application that holds a basic conversation, built using Ubercode, SQL and XQuery :

    Uberbot AI brain

  • The Uberbot is software that makes a Windows PC into an AI system able to hold a simple conversation. It uses (1) knowledge files formatted with XML (2) an AI engine using SQL and XQuery (3) a client program written in Ubercode and (4) a simple text-to-speech convertor for output.
  • The Turing Test is able to compare the conversational intelligence of an AI program to a person. It works by having a Judge who converses with the AI program and with a person, without the Judge knowing which is which. If the AI program fools a judge, its conversational intelligence is considered similar to a person's. Some AI programs have passed simple Turing Tests where the conversation is limited to five minutes, or limited to particular topics, but there are no AI programs (to my knowledge) that have passed a stringent Turing Test.
  • Every year there is a Turing Test called the Loebner Prize. Wikipedia explains it better than me, but the basic idea is to set up a live Turing Test between AI programs and people, with prizes for the best AI. I plan to enter the 2014 Loebner Prize so I have been working hard on the Uberbot.
  • When it's ready I will make Uberbot available for download. In the meantime, as part of Ubercode I have included the client program as an Ubercode example program. This can be used to communicate with the Loebner Prize Protocol, or simply to have a chat with the AI program.
  • There's a new Ubercode download which includes the Uberbot client program, and includes many other fixes and improvements made during the year.