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2013 Loebner Prize (24 June 2013)

  • I submitted Uberbot to the 2013 Loebner Prize. Unfortunately I came 5th so that means Uberbot is not invited to the finals in London Derry. It's annoying to miss out by one place but this was the first year I entered the Loebner Prize. I have a lot of work to do!

Shiny Task (7 Jun 2013)

  • Instead of getting on with the Ubercode Connector Classes I have managed to distract myself with two other tasks - one of these is related to my day job at the RBS Group, and the other relates to the exciting field of AI (artificial intelligence).
  • First I successfully passed the Microsoft MCITP (Database Developer) certification for SQL Server 2008. This involves passing two exams, 70-433 and 70-451 which ask a wide range of questions about SQL. My work kindly helped with the training for this certification. However as SQL Server 2012 has been released, there is a new set of exams to pass to get up to speed with the new features, so I will be studying for some time to come!
  • The second distraction was to create the Uberbot. This is an AI program and you can ask it simple questions and it (sometimes) gives a sensible answer. This is my entry to the 2013 Loebner prize and it uses a mixture of SQL Server, AI files using XML, and a client application written using Ubercode.
  • Other news: there is a new Trial Pack download which includes the Uberbot as a sample program (although without the AI files). This is available for experiment if anyone wants.

Data Connector Classes for v1.3 (9 Feb 2013)

  • I am still working on the Data Connector Classes, and I plan these to be included in the next release of Ubercode. The key part of the work is a new wizard Program - Add Data Source which browses for a data source, prompts you for the columns to include, and generates a class that connects to the data source. The new class includes data viewers, table viewers, record viewers, and other tools for working with the data source. Basically a data source class provides dialogs and commands for editing and displaying the data.
  • The data sources will include CSV (comma separated value) files, XML files, Dbase files and text files with other separators such as tabs or semi-colons. The code for these file-based data sources is working, although I am running some final testing for Dbase files.
  • Still to come are the data sources that connect to databases. The SQL connection code is already working (in class sqlutil) but I have to finish the part of the wizard that automatically creates the connector class for SQL. This is the last major hurdle prior to releasing Ubercode v1.3.
  • In the meantime there is a new Trial Pack download which includes the wizard for the file-based data sources. So if you want to quickly create a program that works with CSV files, XML files or Dbase files then download the new Trial Pack now and get started!