Help with Programming - Arrays Lists and Tables


1. How do I write a program using an array?

This example sets up an array of strings. To do this, declare an array type where the components of the array are strings. Then declare a variable using the array type and put the strings into the array. For example:

  // TestArray.cls
  Ubercode 1 Class TestArray

  type TStringArray[*:*] : array[*:*] of string[200]

  public function main()
    MyStrings : TStringArray[*:*]
    call Redim(1, 4, MyStrings)
    MyStrings[1] <- "Humpty"
    MyStrings[2] <- "Dumpty"
    MyStrings[3] <- "sat on the"
    MyStrings[4] <- "wall"
    call Msgbox("Test String Array", Str(MyStrings))
  end function

  end class

The program just shown declares a one-dimensional type TStringArray. The array is one-dimensional because it is declared using *:* for its size (the two stars represent the lower and upper bound of the one-dimensional array). The array type consists of strings with a maximum length of 200 characters per string. In function main a local array variable MyStrings is declared, based on the array type. The array variable is declared as resizable because it uses *:* for its size.

The code resizes the array to fit 4 strings (with a lower bound of 1 and an upper bound of 4), then the assignment statements copy 4 strings into the array. Finally the Msgbox displays the contents of the array.

2. How do I sort an array or a list?

Use the ArraySort and ListSort functions which work with arrays of strings and lists of strings. If you have a large amount of data that needs to be sorted it is better to store it in a table - the table type stores records and automatically keeps them sorted according to the indexes.