How does Ubercode work?

How Ubercode works. My first Program. Starter programs.

How does Ubercode work?

Postby uberdroid on Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:05 pm

Start by writing a program, which is a list of commands to be processed by the computer. A typical beginner's program has 20 or 30 lines of commands. Then design the forms (windows) used by the program. After writing the program you compile it. The compiler checks the code for errors and if OK it makes an EXE file. Then you run the EXE file which carries out the commands in the program. Here's a diagram:
The diagram shows how the compiler converts the program, the resource file(s) and the run time library into an EXE file. The run time library contains many powerful commands ready for use in your programs. This is code you don't have to write. The steps shown above are automated using the Developer Environment, which is a "control centre" for writing programs.

The EXE file shown near the bottom is a very important file. This contains all of your program in a condensed (binary) form, and can be run independently of the Developer Environment, or copied to other computers (licence permitting).
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