I Love Ubercode

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What is your opinion of Ubercode?

Its Great! I love it. The author is a Genius!
It is easy to use, great support, and Id recommend it to anyone.
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Its better then any other language Ive used.
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It was ok. Ive seen better.
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Ive worked with better languages.
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I didn't like it much. It was confusing and not very easy to use.
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I cant believe I paid for this. Can I get refund?
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I Love Ubercode

Postby onykage on Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:53 pm

If you have tried Ubercode and you loved it as much as I did, post your comments here. Tell us everything you liked or didn't like about the software. If you have any program ideas or recommend changes or updates. Also, vote at the top :D
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Enhancments to Ubercode

Postby agritron on Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:04 am

Here is my wish list for an already great product:

1. Line numbers in the editor with ability to bookmark several line numbers (5 would be plenty)
2. Speed up the load time when loading (syntax color configuration takes what seems like for ever)
3. Improved GUI editor:
a. snap lines to objects nearby when aligned with object being moved (simialar to the editor in MS Visual Basic)
b. Ability to grab multiple items and move them (This would be a great help on large dialog windows with lots of items)
c. Abilty to zoom the dialog window and make larger (for old eyes using high dpi monitors)
4.More examples of code in the example section
5.Ability to put more than 80 objects in a dialog window (I know you are already addressing this)
6.Ability to have "fly out" comments when hovering over buttons. ( If the software does this now I can not find it)
7.Have a check box in setup that will give the compiler permission to close an open version of the program you are compiling .

Thats it!! For now.........

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