My First major UC project details

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My First major UC project details

Postby onykage on Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:19 pm

Well I told you I was working on designing a massive program to be written with your software for the company I work for. And as a result of the start of that project I have sorta vanished for periods of time. Well to date I have a 0.85.2153 version of the software written. Im 6100 lines into the program and I havnt had a hickup yet. How ever I have had many a hurdle I had to find a way to jump with this project. The first set of hurdles consisted of trying to actively communicate back and forth with a secure database connection. cURL ended up being the answer to that problem. And since I started playing with cURL ive found that there i no need for UC to do most of the database communications I was asking about before. I would suggest a cURL.libs library be added if anything. So by way of intricate encryption system that uses php, UC, and cURL, I can actively communicate with my database. The next set of hickups i encountered was grabbing a console output. I found another nifty little application that handled that issue called clip.

So as of right now, I have a fully functional database driven application that runs a multimillion dollar corporation and has caused the start of a move towards paperless government funded healthcare organizations. This application not only tracks, records, and reports employee information such as timesheets, contact and training information, it interfaces with quickbooks, acrobat, windows word/open office, and the billing software used for the state of Louisiana to submit medicaid billing claims.

I am hopeful to reach 1.0 of this software by april of 2010 which will finish the initial construction of the application. With all that this piece of software does, I personally dont think that I have even come close to reaching UC's full potential.

I must say, many thanks Will for your creation of such a straight forward and easy to use language.
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