How do I remove Ubercode programming software?

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How do I remove Ubercode programming software?

Postby uberdroid on Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:01 pm

You should always remove Ubercode before upgrading versions, or if you want to re-install into a different folder. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, double-click "Add/Remove Programs", then look in the scrolling list for Ubercode vX.Y where X.Y is the version number. Double-click the Ubercode entry, then confirm whether you want to remove the software, and follow the instructions on screen.

It is possible to remove Ubercode manually, by using Windows Explorer to remove the Ubercode folder and all files and sub-folders. However this is not recommended, since it will not remove Ubercode from the list of programs that can be removed by Windows.
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