Installation Error: The system file is not suitable for runn

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Installation Error: The system file is not suitable for runn

Postby uberdroid on Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:57 pm

During some installations under Windows NT v4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, the following error occurs:
<File> The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "Close" to terminate the application.

<File> represents a Windows system file such as autoexec.nt, config.nt or After the error message the Ubercode installation is unable to continue.
The error is caused by some of the Windows system files being missing from the c:\winnt\system32\ folder or the c:\windows\system32 folder under Windows XP. Refer to ... -us;324767 for more details.
Check whether the files are missing. On your Windows desktop, click Start - Run and type in:


then press Enter. This starts a command prompt. In the command prompt window, type:

cd \winnt\system32

(under Windows XP replace winnt with windows). This changes into the Windows folder. Then type:

dir *.nt

and press Enter. Among the files you should see: autoexec.nt and config.nt. Then type:

dir command.*

and press Enter. You should see a file If any of these three files are missing, you need to reinstall them. Some installations of Windows keep a backup copy of their files in the c:\i386 folder on the hard disk, so you may already have replacements for the missing files. Check for replacements by typing:

cd \i386

and press Enter. If the command prompt shows c:\i386 you found the replacement folder. Install the replacement files by typing:

expand config.nt_ c:\winnt\system32\config.nt
expand autoexec.nt_ c:\winnt\system32\autoexec.nt
expand command.co_ c:\winnt\system32\

Press Enter after each line, and if you have Windows XP replace winnt with windows. This should fix the problem.

If the cd command was not successful, you will see a warning message saying there is no such path. In this case you need the Windows 2000 / Windows XP installation CD, or a CD containing the Windows files. Put this in your CD drive and type:

expand d:\i386\config.nt_ c:\winnt\system32\config.nt
expand d:\i386\autoexec.nt_ c:\winnt\system32\autoexec.nt
expand d:\i386\command.co_ c:\winnt\system32\

Press Enter after each line. Again if you have Windows XP replace winnt with windows. Also this assumes your CD drive is the D: drive. If you have zip drives or CD rewriter drives or DVD rewriter drives, it may have a different letter, so use the drive letter corresponding to your CD drive in place of D: above.

The steps above should fix the problem - now try re-installing Ubercode. If this is not successful, contact Ubercode Technical Support with full details.
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